Gloves – Dish cloth

Dish cloths

We offer most affordable price on the market today. These cleaning cloths are ideal for  
all of your glassware cleaning needs. Made from 100% cotton fibers and are over-locked  
on two sides for repeated washings and reliability. Double sided extra thick fabric,  
especially suitable to catch dust, for dry or slightly humid cleaning. Main uses: glasses,  
dishes, cutlery, cooking pots, pans. Especially suitable to clean window panes,  
window displays, bars, etc. Suitable for drying glassware, to clean kitchens,  
stoves, displays, etc




We offer low cost generic Gloves, which are available in sizes from S to XL with  
different colors. The leather is cowhide with normal quality. There are three kinds  
of Gloves are available:  
1) TIG Glove  
2) Working Glove  
3) Welding Glove